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Open Quote is a creative brand and an open platform for nurturing the local artists and educating the locals about art & culture in HK. Its purpose is to start a conversation between artists and the public.

The original concept of an open quotation mark relates to written literature and cultural aspects, as well as symbolizing the beginning of future possibilities. Furthermore, the actual store is a space for one to experience a product not only in a single form, but through multiple senses and emotions.

Open Quote is separated into three sections - an exhibition space, a space selling books and CDs, and space selling lifestyle and stationary products.

Due to the multiple functions within the store, the interior design highlights the character of each section. All the furniture is created from vintage products originating from Europe, including a cashier made from old steel ceilings from France, a set of old-school cinema chairs imported from India to France, a table constructed from naturally weathered wood from the harbour, and trays originally used in vegetable markets in Holland, and many more. We have upcycled these pieces to give them new life, however they still hold their own story.

In order to provide the customers with a unique experience, we focus a lot on the details, such as a floor created using different types of leather, assembled with more than 4000 copper nails, and decorative elements and a bookshelf made of unsold books collected from bookstores.

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